Hi, my name is
Natalia Reynders

I am Chilean, but I have been living in Germany with my little son for almost three years.

Before settling in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, I worked in Agriculture in Chile (where I also had a professional formation). Due to the twists and turns of life, I decided to change direction and started a journey through Europe, which took me about one year.

It was during this trip, when I decided to embark myself on the journey into the world of education. Although I have been attracted to this topic since I was young, since I knew that I would become a mother, I entirely dedicated myself to the study the Montessori Methodology.

Montessori is part of our daily life, as we not only put it into practice at home. From August onwards, my little one will start attending a Montessori Children’s House, and we are already part of a playgroup based on the Montessori method. In both places, we appreciate the holistic approach. They represent one essential component of our lifestyle, which is characterised by ecological awareness, freedom with limits and striving for independence (among others). This, allows us to develop continually, not only in a pedagogically way but also spiritually.

I still remember, when my teacher in one of the training courses I attended, asked me: “What do you think is the fundamental element to build a society?” I directly replied: “Education”.

For a sustainable change in our planet, it is not enough to be worry about current events or problems. Instead, it is necessary to educate the new generations to live consciously and concerned about our world from an early age.

Currently, I am working with families who are interested in learning more about the Montessori principles. As a consultant, I help them to implement the method at home. One of the objectives of my Consultancies and  Workshops, is that parents acquire theoretical and practical tools to develop a loving and conscious upbringing with their children. 

I am certified by The International Montessori Institute in Infancy (0-3 years). And I am also certified by The Association Montessori Internationale in Children’s House (3-6 years) and Elementary (6-12 years).

As I need to continue to develop as a professional, I am also attending other specialisation courses related to education.

In addition, I also work as a mentor for children who have different mental health disorders in a Montessori primary school – my role here, is to help, guide and support them to get integrated into the German school system.

I am looking forward to starting this new journey with you!

Natalia Reynders
Mother and Montessori Family Advisor 
Integration Assistant at Montessori Primary School – Düsseldorf, Germany

Freedom of movement and choice
Prepared environment
Learning through experience
Educating the whole child

The purpose of education must be to elevate the individual; otherwise education would be of no use. This must be the goal of education. We must wish to love humanity, instead of merely wanting to apply a preconceived plan.

Maria Montessori