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Natalia Reynders, founder of Montessori Parenting, Chilean expat living in Düsseldorf for almost five years, educational advisor and mother.

Before settling in the charming city of Düsseldorf, Natalia used to work as a farmer in Chile (where she also completed a professional training). Due to the vicissitudes of life, Natalia decided to change course and embarked on a journey through Europe, which lasted about a year, full of changes, learning and new experiences.

It was during this trip when Natalia decided to embark on the world of education. Although she had been fascinated by this subject since she was a young lady, it was when Natalia knew about the fact that she was going to be a mother that she decided to immerse herself completely in the study of the Montessori methodology.

Montessori has become a fundamental element in her daily life, as it is not only a methodology that she practices at home and at workher three year old son also attends a loving Montessori children’s house. Here, they appreciate the holistic approach as an essential component of their lives, which is mainly characterised by: ecological awareness, freedom with limits, grace and courtesy, as well as the search for independence ( just to name a few).

Natalia told us that once, one of her teachers asked her during one of the trainings she participated in: “What do you think is the fundamental element to build a healthy society? Natalia answered directly: “Education—as it is not enough to be concerned about current events or problems in order to achieve sustainable change on our planet. On the contrary, it is necessary to educate the new generations so that they can develop and live consciously, connected to themselves and to the environment around them”.

Currently, Natalia works with families, educators and people linked to the world of education and nurturing. As a educational advisor, Natalia’s purpose is to guide and help adults to better understand and know the benefits of practicing Montessori pedagogy with the children in their care.

Natalia Reynders is certified by The International Montessori Institute in Infant (0-3 years) as well as by The Association Montessori Internationale in Nursery (3-6 years) and Primary (6-12 years).

As it is essential for Natalia to continue acquiring new knowledge related to the world of education, therefore, she is actively participating in other specialisation courses.

In addition, Natalia also works as a advisor for children with different mental disorders in a secondary school in the city of Düsseldor – here, she helps, guides and supports these children to successfully integrate into the school system.

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Montessori parenting by Natalia Reynders 

Freedom of movement and choice
Prepared environment
Learning through experience
Educating the whole child

The purpose of education must be to elevate the individual; otherwise education would be of no use. This must be the goal of education. We must wish to love humanity, instead of merely wanting to apply a preconceived plan.