Montessori Course at Happy Kids

For babies and toddlers – From 6 months to 3 years

We are very happy to announce that a new Montessori course is now available at Happy Kids!

There is an aspect of communication that we adults must understand if we expect to guide our children in meaningful ways. All forms of communication give children a lot of information about themselves, the outside world and the people and objects with which they can establish a relationship.

Discover our new Montessori course created especially for families interested in learning more about this fascinating method of education! 

A brief introduction to Montessori education

Did you know that Montessori education understands the child as a "whole" and that for the child to succeed, we must consider the child as such?

Montessori does not separate body and mind. For the child to develop its full potential, one must to understand it in its global and interdependent environment, which requires physiological, psychological, intellectual and affective abilities. 

Montessori education also pays special attention to the love and understanding of parents towards their children
. Love based on respect, freedom, responsibility and the establishment of clear but unrestrictive limits, where trust, patience and empathy become the protagonists.

In this course we will show you exactly how to apply Montessori to your baby and toddler

Here you will learn

about the Montessori principles

to observe your child in order to identify his needs and interests

how to stimulate language development in a natural and fluent way (special tips and recommendations for polyglot families)

the benefits, uses and characteristics of Montessori materials

how to identify the right materials/toys according to your child's stage of development

about the characteristics of the prepared environment and how to create yours at home

the importance of movement and how it is connected to your child's cognitive development

about the special value of Sensitive Periods and how to recognise them

new tools that will allow you to act, interact and react in a more serene way to difficult/challenging situations in everyday life (brushing teeth, changing nappies, getting dressed, saying "no", among others).

Montessori workshop for parents at Babybee

For families with children from 0 months to 3 years
(Including pregnant women)

Montessori Parenting and Babybee are happy to announce two new workshops!

The most important way to make the best use of the brain child, is to give it a great quality and quantity of information in the early years of life.

Every act of learning occurs in a special way, so that whatever comes from the environment is received, processed and stored in the brain cells without any effort— we call this the "absorbing mind".

Discover this new workshop created especially for families who are interested in acquiring new, practical and simple parenting techniques.

In these workshops we will give you the essential resources to bring Montessori into your home

Here you will learn

what Montessori education is all about

the main differences between the Montessori method and traditional education

about the great value of observation

how powerful your child's absorbing mind is

about developmental indicators in the 0-3 years stage

how to encourage the development of imagination in a natural way

all about the benefits of using Montessori materials

some of the characteristics of the Montessori prepared environment and how to create one at home

to resolve conflicts present in our daily life, to avoid punishments and to understand why rewards are not necessary

Montessori workshop for parents – Babybee

For families with children from 3 to 6 years

Here you will learn

what Montessori education is all about

the main differences between the Montessori method and traditional education​

about the great value of observation

the power of the absorbing (conscious) mind

about developmental indicators in the 3-6 years stage

the difference between the use of imagination and fantasy.

all about the benefits of using Montessori materials

some of the characteristics of the Montessori prepared environment and how to create one at home

how to resolve conflicts which are present in our daily lives, avoid punishments and understand why rewards are not necessary.

Course includes:

Workshops include:

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Customers reviews:

“I really liked the attitude of the facilitator. She was kind, empathetic and transparent.”
— Sepulveda Family

“I like the content very much, the possibility to discuss the problems and find the solution. I would like to visit another workshops from Natalia!”

— Zamyatina Family

“Very interesting workshop with a lot of specific and practical information to apply with the kids.”

— Melgar Family

“I found the information to be clear and precise, with good examples. There was an atmosphere of trust and understanding, I liked it.”

— Silva Family

“The workshop was very good, it met my expectations. I found the observation part very useful. Many parents don’t know how to observe their children.
I really liked how Natalia gave her opinions, with respect and acceptance of each family’s decisions. Also how she invited us to get more informed about the use of television, for example.”

— Nuñez family

“”I enjoyed the workshop very much – the participation of all participants was great.”
— Fernandes Family

“Everything was amazing, thank you very much!.”

— Posada Family

“I loved it. It has been a little clearer what kind of toys my child needs at each stage to try to encourage his development to the maximum.”
— Moreno Family

“Thanks to Natalia. I found everything very accurate, although most of the concepts and materials I already knew, it helped me to refresh topics that I hadn’t touched for a while. It also helped me to improve my observation, which is a constant exercise that needs to be perfected.”
— Gonzalez family

“Everything was excellent, thank you!.”
— Heckenbichler

“Thank you very much for your workshop, it was very good!

Natalia’s workshops can be very very helpful for many parents all over the world, which do not know how and what to do when they have children; how to organise their time with them, how to educate them with respect, with patience, understanding, intelligence, without stress and difficulties. Plus, how to integrate the activities with the children into their daily life, so that everything works for them and makes parenting easier and even more fun. Above all, it would be even more productive for many parents who end up mistreating and mis-educating their children in different ways due to ignorance, lack of patience, lack of knowledge and ideas on how to manage time and education for their children.”
— Maya family

“I found it very well structured.”
— Reyes Family

“I loved the workshop.”

— Marcilla Family

“I really liked the explanation and interaction that Natalia did in the workshop. I found the observation exercise fantastic, just with that small example I could realise the old methods of education we have, and how to do it better. The workshop was very good, in a short time there were many good tips. Thank you Natalia for sharing your knowledge and helping me to give my son a different and friendly method of education”.

— Cerón Family

“I really liked the pace and the clear and brief explanations. Also the topics covered almost everything, giving a global idea about the method, including the basics of the method that were clear and easy to understand.”
— Terriente Family

“I am very happy to have participated in the workshop. The information given met my expectations. I really liked that the workshop was held in a small group and that Natalia was giving us her recommendations according to the stage we are in with our babies. This personalised approach was very valuable to me. I also found it very good structured – there was a short break during the workshop. Thank you very much.”

— Fernandez Family

“I liked the second part (with concrete examples) much more than the first, although I understand that it was necessary to have a base to be able to reason and understand how to proceed. Thank you very much.”

— Benidez Family