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Responsible for personal data:
Natalia Reynders, with address at Arnheimer Straße 100, 40489 Düsseldorf, hereinafter “MONTESSORI PARENTING”, and whose contact email is for customer service.

Data requested on the website and purpose of the treatment.

• Name, surname and email in the contact forms: to make any direct contact with MONTESSORI PARENTING, whether to raise questions, comments, suggestions, request a service or product, or any other information. Failure to provide the minimum necessary personal data will make it impossible for MONTESSORI PARENTING to respond to the request.

• Name, surname, address, telephone number and email: this information will be requested at the time of payment for the service, in order to process everything related to the client.
If the user is under 16 years of age, he/she must have the authorization of his/her parents or legal guardians to deliver her personal data. MONTESSORI PARENTING has no way to effectively verify the age of the users, so it is exempt from any responsibility, if the user does not comply with what is indicated here.

MONTESSORI PARENTING will at all times ensure that the use given to the website, the contents, and the processing of the user’s personal data are carried out in the most correct way. For this, the user can always exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, portability, forgetfulness or opposition, all in faithful compliance with the guidelines of the laws that govern the matter, writing to

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The website has 3 types of forms:

General contact: the user, client or participant will be able to find forms that will facilitate communication with MONTESSORI PARENTING, to raise questions, comments, request a quote, reserve any of the services offered on the website or demand any rights that they may have. Failure to provide the minimum necessary personal data will make it impossible for MONTESSORI PARENTING to respond to the request. This treatment will be considered legitimate because it is part of a pre-contractual diligence. The website and email server of MONTESSORI PARENTING will be in charge of the treatment.

Checkout form: users, buyers or participants will be asked for their express and voluntary consent to deliver to MONTESSORI PARENTING, the minimum data necessary to send advertising and commercial information related to the services and / or products offered by MONTESSORI PARENTING, so that Add to an automated email marketing file managed by the person in charge of the treatment indicated below. The processing of the personal data found in this section has been done with the consent of the owner of the data.

To process the request for the Service/Consultancy: users, clients or participants will be asked for their data so that MONTESSORI PARENTING can process the services requested by the client. Legitimate processing of personal data due to the contractual relationship that exists with the client or participant. The data will be stored on the website’s server.


MONTESSORI PARENTING needs the support of third parties to adequately offer its services and products, with which it enters into the due confidentiality agreements and verifies compliance with the regulations on the protection of personal data.

The data provided to these third parties may not be used for other purposes not authorized by the owner of the data.

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• Stripe Inc: used to manage debit and credit card payments on the website. This company is located in the United States, has a security agreement called Privacy Shield, in accordance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Committee that can be consulted here Activate. For more information at

In essential cases, MONTESSORI PARENTING may use applications or tools that have not been included or named in this list, the above being a better option that helps to carry out a certain task; If this happens, MONTESSORI PARENTING will notify its users, clients or participants of this situation, as the case may be.

In the case of personal data provided for billing and purchase of products or services, they will be kept for the legally applicable time.

Preliminary considerations
User will be understood as any person who browses the website from now on, through the website.

The administrator will be understood as the owner of the website, who is Natalia Reynders with address at Arnheimer Straße 100, 40489 Düsseldorf, hereinafter “MONTESSORI PARENTING“, and whose contact email is

 The cookies used in the user’s browser have been installed with the user’s authorisation. If at any time you wish to revoke this authorization, you can do so without hindrance. For this you can view the section Deactivation or elimination of cookies, which is described in these policies.

The Editor is completely free to make the changes that it deems pertinent to the website. For this, you can add sections, functionalities or any element that may generate the use of new cookies, so the user is advised to verify this cookie policy each time he accesses the website, so that he can stay updated for any changes. that may have occurred since the last visit made.

Definition and function of cookies
Cookies are information that is stored in the browser of the user of a website to be able to consult the previous activity that he has had, as well as to remember certain data for a next visit. They can also be called web beacons, pixels, bugs, trackers, but for the purposes of these policies, they will only be understood as cookies.

They usually store technical data, usage statistics, personalization of profiles, links to social networks, administration of personal preferences, among other functions, in order to be able to adapt the website to the needs and configurations of the user, thus improving the experience. of browsing, not accepting them could hinder the service that the website wishes to offer.

They are not files for viruses, spam, Trojans, worms, spyware, or advertising programming, whether static on the page or in a pop-up window format.

The information stored refers to the browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and not the user, to verify this you can enter the same web domain and verify in two different browsers that you can configure different preferences in each one.

Types of cookies according to the entity that manages them

Cookies can be:

1. Own: when they are managed by the website editor himself. They are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
2. From third parties: when they are managed by a natural or legal person other than the publisher.

This website uses its own and third-party cookies.

Types of cookies according to their purpose

Depending on the function they fulfill, cookies can be:

1. Techniques: They allow the operational management of the website, so that the user can navigate without problem in it. They can help control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access restricted access parts, remember the elements that make up an order, carry out the process of purchasing a product or service, manage payment, control fraud, make the request for registration or participation in an event, use security elements while browsing, store content for the broadcast of videos or sound, enable dynamic content (for example, animation of loading a text or image) or share content through of social networks, among many other functions that it can have.

2. On preferences or personalization: these are those that allow the user to remember information so that the user can navigate the website with certain personalized characteristics, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to show when the user performs a search, the appearance or website content depending on the user’s browser type, background colors used, profile image, among others.

3. Analysis or measurement: they allow the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of users on the website and on others that are owned by the cookie manager, for example, the time they take on a certain page, the hours and days of increased traffic.

4. On behavioral advertising: are those that store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on this. The intention is to show relevant and attractive ads for the user.

5. Advertising: Are those that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that the website has, based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency in which the ads are displayed.

This website uses technical, personalization, analysis, advertising and behavioral advertising cookies.

Some cookies can be multipurpose, that is, they fulfill 2 or more functions.

Types of cookies according to their duration:

Depending on the period of time that they remain activated in the terminal equipment, cookies can be:

to. Session: They are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used to store information that is only interested in keeping for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion and disappear at the end of the session, for example, a list of chosen products, a specific selection of photographs, etc.

b. Persistent: They are a type of cookies in which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Consequences of disabling cookies

As an example, the possible effects of not authorizing the use of cookies may be the following:
• The products chosen in the store will not be loaded, so a shopping cart will not be created, preventing the possibility of finalizing the purchase of the desired products.
• You will not be able to access the client area, personal area, or any that requires confirmation
• The data necessary to analyze the website cannot be collected, preventing the editor from knowing how to improve
• You will not be able to share the content of the website on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.
• You will not be able to comment on the blog
• You will not be able to use any social network, since they all use cookies to be able to offer their service.
• It will not be possible to show third-party advertising, reducing the income for those who use this modality.
• In certain web domain sites, your browsing may be considered spam because it cannot be identified.
• Several. This list is merely illustrative, not limiting.

If the user has deleted the cookies, and wishes to navigate this website again, they must once again accept the cookies.

Cookies used on this website

This website uses the following cookies: technical, personalization, analysis, behavioral advertising. The cookies used by this website are detailed below, however, due to the technical impossibility that this can generate, the cookies used by third parties cannot be shown exactly, but the best effort has been made so that the user has all the necessary information.

I. Bestimmungen und Bedingungen 

1. Natalia Reynders bietet Familienunterstützung, Kurse, Workshops und Beratung mit dem Ziel, die Montessori-Prinzipien in die Erziehung des Kindes/der Kinder zu integrieren.

Die Beratung und Workshops zielen die Eltern im Rahmen Ihrer Erziehung in generellen Aspekten als auch in speziellen/persönlichen Anliegen unterstützen. 

Es soll durch die Zusammenarbeit erlernt werden, wie sowohl die Beobachtung und die Analyse der Bedürfnisse und Tendenzen des Kindes/der Kinder, als auch das Intervenieren im Einzelfall (Zeitpunkt und Art) erfolgen kann.

Des Weiteren gilt es das Konzept von Frieden und Disziplin aus Sicht der Montessori Erziehung und wachsende Disziplin als eine innere Entwicklung zu verstehen. Ziel ist es, die Fähigkeit zu erwerben die Entwicklung des Kindes/der Kinder zu unterstützen. Darunter fällt die richtige Form der Kommunikation mit dem Kind/den Kindern, insbesondere die korrekte, präzise und wissenschaftlich genaue Wortwahl. Außerdem soll die Unabhängigkeit, sowohl physisch, mental, emotional und spirituell als Voraussetzung für das wechselseitige Zusammenleben erkannt werden. Zudem wird die Bedeutung von Ordnung und Präzision für die Persönlichkeitsentwicklung gemeinsam erarbeitet.

2. Kurse, Workshops und Beratungen werden nach vorheriger Online-Terminvereinbarung durchgeführt. Die Sitzungen können persönlich oder online abgehalten werden.

3. Um eine erfolgsversprechende Beratung und Assistenz zu gewährleisten, ist vorab ein Anmeldeformular auszufüllen auf Grundlage dessen Natalia Reynders Ihre Sitzungen und Beratungen vorbereitet. Bezüglich des Umgangs mit Informationen aus dem Anmeldeformular ist auf V. des Vertrages (Datenschutz) zu verweisen. 

4. Im Falle von personalisierten Beratungsleistungen:

Im Anschluss an eine Sitzung übersendet die Auftragnehmerin innerhalb von 5-7 Werktagen eine Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse der Sitzung via E-Mail an den/die Auftraggeber/-in.

II. Vergütung

1. Einzelmodell:

Montessori Hausberatung 120 Min.: 199€
120 Min. Online beratung: 99€ 
90 min. Online beratung: 79€ 
60 min. Online beratung: 59€

Zweistündige Workshops:

OPTION I: 35,- (inkl. ein Elternteil und ein Kind)
OPTION II: 45,- (inkl. ein Elternteil und zwei Kinder)
OPTION III: 45,- (inkl. ein Kind und beide Elternteile)
OPTION IV: 65,- (inkludiert ein Kind, beide Elternteile und eine Grundausstattung an Montessori-Materialien. Drei Materialien, die je nach Alter des Kindes ausgewählt werden).


a. Stripe

Eine Zahlung über den Online-Zahlungsdienstleister Stripe erfolgen.

b. PayPal

Des Weiteren kann eine Zahlung über den Online-Zahlungsdienstleister Paypal (PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.) erfolgen.

III. Terminvergabe

1. Beratung:

Bei Absage eines Termins bis zu 72 Stunden vor diesem, kann alternativ ein neuer Termin vereinbart oder die Kosten zurückerstattet werden. Bei einer kurzfristigen Absage unter 48 Stunden vor dem geplanten Termin fallen die Kosten in vollem Umfang an.

2. Durchführung der Workshops

Sie können bis zu 5 Tage vor der Veranstaltung stornieren.

Im Falle eine Stornierung durch den Kunden/die Kundin eine Rückerstattung in Höhe von 25% des Preises, oder die Teilnahme an einer zukünftigen Veranstaltung angeboten.

Bei einer zu geringen Teilnehmerzahl (min. 5 Kinder) kann der Kinderkurs / die Spielgruppe zeitlich verlegt oder ganz abgesagt werden. Bereits entrichtete Gebühren werden im Falle einer Absage in voller Höhe erstattet. Darüber hinausgehende Schadensersatzansprüche sind ausgeschlossen.

IV. Haftung

Bei der im Rahmen der Sitzungen und Beratungen vorgeschlagenen Handlungsformen oder Alternativen im Umgang mit dem Kind/den Kindern handelt es sich lediglich um bloße Vorschläge und Anregungen. Die Umsetzung erfolgt nach eigenem Ermessen. Natalia Reynders steht dem Auftraggeber/der Auftraggeberin nur beratend und unterstützend zur Seite.

Für einfache Fahrlässigkeit haftet die Auftragnehmerin nur, sofern vertragswesentliche Pflichten verletzt werden. Dies gilt nicht für die Verletzung von Leib, Leben und Gesundheit. Die Haftung ist begrenzt auf vertragstypische und vorhersehbare Schäden. 

Für die Sicherheit der Kinder während der persönlichen Workshops sind ausschließlich die anwesenden Eltern verantwortlich. Die Eltern sind zu jeder Zeit für ihre Kinder verantwortlich. 

Natalia Reynders haftet nicht für den Verlust, die Beschädigung oder den Diebstahl von mitgebrachten Gegenständen während der Workshops.

V. Datenschutz/Schweigepflicht

1. Die Auftragnehmerin ist verpflichtet, über alle Informationen, die Ihr im Zusammenhang mit Ihrer Tätigkeit für den/die Auftraggeber/-in bekannt werden, Stillschweigen zu bewahren, gleichwohl ob es dabei um den/die Auftraggeber/in selbst oder dessen familiäres Umfeld handelt, es sei denn, dass der/die Auftraggeber/- in sie von dieser Schweigepflicht entbindet.

2. Die Auftragnehmerin ist des Weiteren verpflichtet, ihr anvertraute personenbezogene Daten nur im Rahmen Ihrer Tätigkeit im Zusammenhang mit dem vorliegenden Dienstleistung zu verarbeiten oder verarbeiten zu lassen. Dazu sind die datenschutzrechtlichen Anforderungen nach der DSGVO. 

VI. Sonstige Bestimmungen 

1.Hinsichtlich der Nutzung von Zoom ist auf diese Nutzungs- und Datenschutzbedingungen zu verweisen

2. Hinsichtlich der Nutzung von Stripe ist auf dieses Nutzungs- und Datenschutzbedingungen zu verweisen

3. Hinsichtlich der Nutzung von Paypal ist auf diese Nutzungs- und Datenschutzbedingungen zu verweisen




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