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What can you find in Montessori para todos?

Different sections of Montessori material prepared to cover the main learning areas of this philosophy. This materials are developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, witch have been specially created to support your children in their different stages of development/learning, such as; practical life, sensorial, maths, language and cosmic education (geography, botany, timelines).
Here you will also find a complete selection of children’s books as well as baby books (with real pictures), so that your child can begin to discover the world as it is.
Montessori para todos, offers educational materials that bring knowledge to life, allowing children to discover and understand for themselves through them own experiences.
Follow the link bellow and discover the diversity of Montessori material offered, along with exclusive benefits for the Montessori Parenting community.

During many years of experiment and observation, I discovered that children learn naturally through activity, and that their characters develop through freedom. But these are general principles, which require practical application, and the Montessori materials have been evolved to meet this need.

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